Staff Directory

Andrea Finley
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Robyn Soberg
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1st Grade
Elena Doughty
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Kathryn Sherman
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2nd Grade
Kari Amarillas
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Rebecca List
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3rd Grade
Gina Rosen
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Megen Schachter
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4th Grade
Tracy Ganote
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Caitlyn Slanina
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5th Grade
James Clark
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Mary Starks
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Cross-Categorical Exceptional Education
Stacy Walker
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Sadia Khan
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Reading Interventionist
Elena Ryan
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RTI Teacher
Debra Boatner
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Support Staff
C.C.S. Resource
Vanessa Iannuzzi
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Patricia Ortiz
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Sarah Pfannenstiel
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English Language Program Instructor
Emily Smith
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Curriculum Service Provider
Lisa Thomas
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Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
Lisa Stachowiak
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Speech and Language
Jacob Yakoubek
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Cynthia Eman
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Occupational Therapist
Camille France
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Library/Media Specialist
Ruth Doran
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Jacklyn LoRusso
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Josh Gyarmathy
Dave Stratton


Regena Laux
Juanita Sanchez
Sara Hagans
Office Support
Office Manager
Ruth Rugel
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Attendance/Registration Tech
Becky Schauer
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Community Liaison
Ruth Doran
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Health Office
School Nurse
Connie Jo Carroll, R.N., BSN
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Health Assistant
LuAnn Schumacher
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